Invited Speaker

I was invited to present my works in several universities. Here are some of the records:

11/2020 “Those smart guys will decide”: On the Problem of Estrangement in Confucian Meritocracy within a Pluralistic Context”, in the CEACOP International Conference of the City University of Hong Kong

5/2019                “The division of educational labour between Confucian education and political liberalism,” in the Centre for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy (CEACOP) of the City University of Hong Kong


Poster of City CEACOP talk (3.5.2019).jpg

10/2018           “Confucian Neutrality: On why Confucianism should embrace a principle of liberal neutrality,” invited to present in The Educational University of Hong Kong

10/2018        Delivered a guest lecture of the later Rawls’s theory of public reason in the Department of Philosophy of the University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh lecture 1

10/2017             “Sincerity, Pluralism, and Honesty — A critique of the convergence conception of public justification”, invited to present in the Departmental Seminar of the Department of Philosophy, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.